For some people the mere mention brings about stress, anxiety, lack of confidence.  For others, it brings drive, desire, passion.

I’ve been to a lot of competitions.  A lot.  Not only CrossFit, but any sporting event can be considered.  I’ve done a few, watched a few.  I’ve watched people get many, many, “firsts” during a competition. They step up out of fear or drive, doesn’t matter, but they get it done.  In the end, they come away with another level of confidence.  And that’s why we do competitions.  Our goal has always been to improve people’s lives.  Not only physically, but mentally as well.  Any good CrossFit facility will have this as part of the core values it strives to deliver.  Four workouts in one day.  Not a single person ‘quit’.   And in the end, that is what it is all about.

Things are going to get tough and hard.  Sometimes even painful.  However, people depend on you to keep going.  They depend on you to pull it together and get it done.  These little tasks day in and day out start to build momentum.  Consistency, smart choices, drive…when people find the ability to relate ‘workouts’ to life, there isn’t much that can stop them.

Thank you to the coaches for helping out.  Thank you to all the judges who came to truly help people be better.  And thank you to all of you who put it out there and gave it your all.  You inspire us.

Cold War 2016 group