Fit for Summer Challenge!

By April 4, 2016Fitness

Info Session: Saturday, April 9th, 10:30a, open to all (even non-members)

We’ve made it through the Open and another Friday Night Lights is in the books. We’ll announce the winners of the Team competition this Saturday. However, it’s time to keep that momentum rolling. Enter the Fit for Summer Challenge.

We are gong to do a ‘Gym Night Out’ up at Wally’s on Friday night. (Best gluten free pizza I’ve ever had. Seriously.) After that…we’re going to get rolling!

What you will get:
Information on scheduling your life, creating goals, and setting you up for nutritional success…which equates to getting you on that path to look and feel great for summer.

Personalized nutritional guidance based on your results.

Continued support from the coaching staff and community to answer your questions, give you life hacks, and the road map to success.

What you need to do:

Show up on April 9th. This particular seminar/info session is open to everyone, even non-members. (The program is obviously only for members.)

Sign up for one of our body fat tests, either hydrostatic (water tank) or bioelectrical impedance (InBody scale/scanner).

What’s the cost?

You just pay for your preferred body fat test. You will pay them directly. Everything else is free for our members.

What’s the gist in English?

This is a challenge…we are going to set up an accountability spreadsheet, a private message group, and a few of our coaches to guide you. You will have homework. There is no ‘fitness’ measure as we are all at a different point.

We are going to have FOUR different nutrition paths. You decide which one you want.
For our beginners who focus on quality, to our performers who need to eat as much as they can.

And new for this one…Krissy is going to run the “I don’t give an eff…just make me skinny!!” path. Yes, we can do that to.

So come on in on Saturday, and let’s get this going.  Time to gain a little more knowledge, or kickstart your life.