On Monday, 3/30 at 5 pm PST, the 2015 CrossFit Open officially ended. What a fun 5 weeks!  There were many PRs, many tears, many tough moments, and many amazing feats.  Here are a few highlights:

–       Some of our athletes competed for the first time!

–       Many PR’d their clean and jerks! By a LOT!

–       Some got their first handstand push-ups, chest-to-bar pull-ups and muscle ups!

–       Everyone confirmed the fact that a row/thruster combo is evil.

–       We have three coaches (Kaitlyn, Ash and David) killing their respective leaderboards!

–       Our Ariana finished 15th in her division! (Teenage Girls- 14/15 in NorCal)

Whatever skill level you were competing at, across the board, everyone gave it their all and destroyed expectations of what they thought was possible.

New to our gym this year was Friday Night Lights. And what a success it was! Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.   We love that this gave everyone a chance to come together, as a gym, and support people that you don’t normally get to see. The costumes and team spirit were great and the mood was always festive. We are so excited to do this again next year – I know everyone will look forward to it!

FNL Final Results

Every team did a great job participating on Friday nights, during the week and showing some awesome team spirit! Here are the final standings:

1st place – Team ‘Merica with 263 points

2nd place – The Great Scotts with 237 points

3rd place – The WOD Squad with 235 points

3rd place – Tutus and Brews with 235 points

Nice work everyone!! We are already looking forward to next year!!