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By April 21, 2015Community

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And it is now official. Ashley, Kaitlyn, and David are all headed to their respective Regionals as individual athletes.

For those of you who are not part of the gym, David headed off to school at University Nevada, Reno in January. Prior to qualifying for Regionals last year as an individual, he was asked to go with Rocklin Crossfit as part of their Honey Badger team. Following all the required rules, David got a taste of the next level with the team making it all the way to the Games in Carson, CA. He learned a ton about his training and knew what he had to do. Since returning, he’s been on a mission. The announcement of the combined Regionals this year made it all that much tougher, but in the end, he’s going. We can’t wait to see how high he climbs when things get heavier and harder. David will be competing in the South Regional in Dallas, May 15-17.

Kaitlyn…we can’t say enough about this woman’s mindset for competing. She thrives on it. Lives for it.   It’s been said many times, people at this level all have the skills, few have the mindset. Her lack of fear and her drive to win is quickly going to make her a regular name in NorCal. She too had a taste of Regionals last year with CrossFit Davis as a team. Running between two gyms, working full time on her Political Science degree, and always trying to help anyone she can, this woman is one to watch. There are a lot of people who need to be paying attention to her now, and in the future.

And of course, there’s our rock, Ashley. Don’t know what to say, because I’ve been saying this for SIX YEARS IN A ROW! After making it to the Games with David and the rest of Rocklin last year, she was ready to take a well deserved break. Competing at this level can take a toll. She worked out this year just to “stay in shape” (which frustrated the hell out of us, by the way, but we understood.) She never intended to sign up for the Open, much less, go as an individual. Her natural gifts, undeniable engine, and solid foundation found her once again with an invite. I guess once you hit a certain level, it’s just easy? Did I mention she took FIRST place in the HSPU/power clean WOD?  And if you haven’t paid attention, she always moves up the leaderboard in Regionals. Ought to be fun.

CrossFit is basically a professional sport at this point. The days of an ‘unknown’ sneaking into the Games are gone. The stakes are higher, the money is more, and the dedication it takes can be overwhelming. But here we are…all three are going back…and this year, it’s not just ‘Regionals’ but a combined Regional. This is a whole different level. The team here at Folsom Lake can’t express how proud we are to be a part of the journey for these three phenomenal athletes. But we need your help.

Each person has a $200 entrance fee, plus travel, food, expenses. Hotel rooms around the venue are hitting $200+ a night. On May 2, we are going to host a fundraiser WOD for our athletes. We hope to run this Friday Night Lights style. Sort of a mini-individual competition. There will be a small buy in, and maybe some other goodies to try and pay for the athlete’s expenses. If you know anything about us, you know 100% of the money raised will be given to the athletes. We sincerely hope you all come out and get your sweat on to help support these folks. See you then!

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