Sweat is coming…

By October 6, 2015Fitness

As a coaching staff, we have talked to a lot of people and identified a crucial need in the fitness community. No one does coaching like CrossFit. No one does community like Folsom Lake. We’ve decided to take the ideals of the more movement oriented classes and combine it with our coaching knowledge and passion. The result is…Sweat.

What is Sweat? A workout that allows you to develop a strong, physically fit body, while still being directed towards burning calories. Body weight, sand bags, trx, rings, barbells, kettlebells, dumb bells, everything is fair game. However, you won’t see power or Olympic lifts. It is going to be a perfect fit for those folks who prefer to just come and move from start to finish. It’s also going to be a great fit for folks to come from the outside and start working their way up to CrossFit.

The class will run on Tuesday and Thursday and will replace our 530p CrossFit class.